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Glass Bottle with Air Tight Flip Cap (Set of 3) 1150ml

Glass Bottle with Air Tight Flip Cap (Set of 3) 1150ml


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  1. ABOUT: These decorative glass water bottles are made of durable glass built for reuse. These flip-top bottles are dishwasher safe and the strong glass body offers superior resistance to temperature changes. The square shape lends a modern feel to this attractive bottle and the attached hermetic closure swings up and snaps down easily to provide an airtight seal.
  2. SIZE AND CAPACITY: 1150ML, H=31.5CM; BASE=8CM, CAP=7CM, AVAILABLE COLORS: Blue, Green, and Yellow. TYPE: Glass, Flip Lock Lid, Set of 3
  3. DURABLE & RESEALABLE AIR-TIGHT CAPS: Hermetic flip-top rubber gaskets are easy to remove and put on, keeping your homemade beverages, juices, and other drinks sealed, preserving carbonation or fermentation. With the airtight gasket, these reseal-able bottles make the perfect glass bottles, water pitchers, and more!
  4. MULTI-PURPOSE STORAGE: Store 1 liter of liquid beverages, oil, vinegar, water, juice, or anything else! Our leak-proof swing-top caps are easy to remove and also perfect for fresh-pressed juices as it prevents oxidation, keeping vital enzymes and nutrients from deteriorating quickly, making the juice last for longer.
  5. ELEGANT, STURDY DESIGN: Whether you are using the beverage bottles as water bottles or to store infused oils and vinegar, you will always have enough capacity. These elegant clear bottles with stoppers are BPA, toxin, chemical and lead-free, making it the safest and most durable choice as a beverage bottle. Ideal for daily usage, while hosting parties, fridge, and dishwasher safe.

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Product Description

A Sleek & Sensible Storage Solution for All Your Home Brews!

This elegantly designed glass bottle is equipped with a leak-resistant swing top lid that locks in the freshness! This is the perfect storage solution for water, fresh juice, shakes, infused cooking oils, and a whole lot more!

* Each reseal-able glass bottle is equipped with a long-neck design for an easier grip. They are the perfect storage solution for all your homebrews!

A Perfect Glass Bottle Built to Be Reused Multiple Times Over

Use and re-use these bottles multiple times over or even daily! They are the perfect kitchen accessory for the environmentally conscious homeowner.

*Each bottle can hold up to 1-litre liquid – perfect for water, drinks, brews, and more!

Made from dishwasher-safe glass for faster and easier clean-up.

Leak Proof Swing Top Seal

Each glass bottle is equipped with a swing top seal that seals in the freshness for days! Keep your favourite beverage fresh for a long time with a dependable glass bottle.

Versatile & Dependable

The glass bottle is masterfully made using BPA-free glass for your safety and peace of mind. These reseal-able glass bottles are safe and dependable for the entire family.

Masterfully Made for Your Family

These glass bottles are just as versatile as they are functional! Use them to store your favourite beverage, homemade brews, shakes, and a whole lot more! Use it in your kitchen or as a serve ware for your party ? they sure are going to make a different setup!

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