Green Tea Infuser Borosilicate Glass Bottle - 400ml | Kurtzy
Green Tea Infuser Borosilicate Glass Bottle – 400ml

Green Tea Infuser Borosilicate Glass Bottle – 400ml


499 1149 Incl. of Tax

1. Our glass detox bottle is made of double walled fine quality and heat resistant borosilicate glass.
2. It can be used as a Tea infuser, Water bottle, fruit infuser and cold coffee maker.
3. Ideal home, office, travelling or on the go. Easy to carry in handbags or backpacks. It measures 20 x 6 cm.
4. Thicker sleeve (Assorted color) provides a comfort feeling against hot. It makes easier to grip against falling off and damage.
5. Fix the leak-proof ring properly to prevent leakage.

499 1149 Incl. of Tax

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Product Description

Kurtzy Tea Infuser Water Bottle

Tea bottle is unique designed compared to the Others on the market. designed with two openings, which provides a modern feel and simple access for cleaning and drying. food grade stainless steel tea infuser is placed at the bottom of the bottle and doesn’t interfere with drinking. It can be left in place for less bitter teas, or easily removed to prevent from over steeping.

How to Use:

1. Remove the bottom lid and unscrew the infuser.

2. Fill the infuser with your favorite type of loose tea, screw infuser back onto bottom lid and place the bottom lid back on the bottle.

3. Remove the top lid and fill the bottle with hot water.

4. Place the top lid back on the bottle and watch your tea steep to perfection.

Note: Fix the leakproof ring properly to prevent leakage.

Package include:

1x Tea Infuser Waterbottle

1x Assorted Protective Sleeve



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