Kurtzy K9 Lens Photography Crystal Glass Ball with Crystal Stand- 80mm/8cm | Kurtzy
Kurtzy K9 Lens Photography Crystal Glass Ball with Crystal Stand- 80mm/8cm

Kurtzy K9 Lens Photography Crystal Glass Ball with Crystal Stand- 80mm/8cm


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  1. Material Characteristics: This photography is composed of K9 crystal which is used for camera lenses and other optics because of its extremely high light transmittance and light-refracting characteristics. The lens ball is scratch free and bubble-free. Dimensions: 80mm (8cm/3.15 inches) in diameter and weighs 634 gm.
  2. Gift Box: the crystal ball comes in a complete set of box and a microfiber pouch. The velvet bag is perfect to present as a gift for all your dear photography lovers. The velvet bag and cloth both measure 15 x 15cm (5.90 x 5.90 inches) and the gift box measures L15.5 x W11.5 x H9.5cm (6.10 x 4.53 x 3.74 inches).
  3. Features: This K9 ball is polished and hardened for a perfect smooth surface. The ball works well with any professional camera as well as the phone camera. It ensures there are no blemishes in the photo providing you an aesthetically pleasing image. Works well for street photography. This ball is known to improve Feng shui in the room and can be used for meditation purpose.
  4. Photography: This crystal sphere helps you take funky upside down photos of any landscape or portraits. As light travels through the ball it is mirrored and warped for unique photos. The glass ball turns a normal landscape into an elegant and aesthetic looking image.
  5. Care Instruction: Ensure to have a grip on the ball while usage. And wipe it before and after to avoid any finger prints on it. Take a little care when under the sun as it may get a little hot. When not in use this ball looks great on a shelf in your home or office to deliver you calmness.

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Product Description

Kurtzy 80 mm Crystal Ball with Crystal Stand, Velvet Pouch, Microfiber Cloth and Gift Box. Perfect photography accessory for beginners to experts. This crystal ball set will turn any photo you take and turn it upside down. Can be used with professional cameras or even with the camera on your mobile phone.

What’s Included: -1 x 80 mm

Crystal ball. -1 x Crystal stand. -1 x Gift box.

Dimensions: -Crystal ball measures in diameter: 80 mm (8 cm/3.15 inches).

-Crystal ball weighs: 634 grams.

-Crystal stand measures: L 3.5 x W 3.5 x H 1.9 cm (1.38 x 1.38 x 0.74 inches).

-Gift box measures: L 15.5 x W 11.5 x H 9.5 cm (6.10 x 4.53 x 3.74 inches).

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