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Naesi Activated Coconut Charcoal -500 Gm

Naesi Activated Coconut Charcoal -500 Gm


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  1. Material Characteristics: Our activated charcoal bags are made of coconut shells by burning them at a very high temperature without the presence of oxygen, and later on activated using various compounds. The heating process develops small pores on burned shells to increase their adsorption rate. They come in a complete jute bag and opening to hang the product. The sachets are eco-friendly, natural and organic. They have 70-85% carbon content in them.
  2. Unique features:Air purifier bag comes in a semi powder form. It does not emit any fragrance like air fresheners, diffusers. Each bag lasts up to 6-8 months. Even their life-cycle these bags can be used as manure in your garden. How cool? No amount of money is wasted in this investment. The activated charcoal has lakhs of pores which help trap the odor molecules and do not get mixed with them. If your compost smells of Ammonia pop in some coconut activated charcoal and it’s ready to use.
  3. Multipurpose:These odor purifying bags can be used in every possible room. Your kitchen where moisture molds and bacteria are found, sweat-smelling gym bags, shoes, bathroom, cupboards, almirahs. They even trap the radiations emitted from electronics, computers. During summers our cars tend to get heated up and plastic may start to melt, drop in this bag it will help in controlling the radiation. These packets act as smoke adsorbents. Usually takes 20-30 minutes to notice the difference.
  4. Installation: The charcoal air filter bags comes with a hole to hang at your desired place. Securely sealed to avoid any spillage while in transit or usage. All you need to do is hang the activated charcoal bag. Keep the bag in the Sun for two hours before hanging it. Do not remove the covering. Use it as such. Package includes: 1 activated charcoal bag- 500 gm.
  5. Care Instruction: Once you receive these products and start using them, as they trap the chemicals the bags tend to get little heavy, ensure to place the bag in the Sun for 2 hours to get it reactivated, if not they do not function efficiently.

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Product Description

Kurtzy activated coconut charcoal bags are organic air purifiers that absorb moisture, odour and toxic gases from the air. They are made from complete coconut shell waste causing no harm to the environment.

-They come in a jute bag with a small flap to hang it at desired location.

-Contains 70-85% carbon content.

-Unlike air fresheners, diffusers they do not have any fragrance.

-Can be placed in any corner of the home for an odour-free home.

-It is chemical-free and are safe to use around children.

-Adsorbs the radiation emitted by electronics like mobile, laptops, TV.

-Reactivates when placed in the Sun for 2 hours every month.

-Life-span up to 2 years and after that it can be used as a compost in your garden.

-Package includes: 1 activated charcoal bag- 500 gm

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