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Newton Cradle Pendulum Swing Balance Ball Decoration for Home & Office Classic Desk Toy

Newton Cradle Pendulum Swing Balance Ball Decoration for Home & Office Classic Desk Toy


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1. Easy to play : When sphere is lifted and released at one end, the sphere at the other end lifts upward due to the force that has been transmitted through the stationery spheres. The last sphere which was lifted upwards now drops and force is transmitted through the remaining stationery spheres and repeating in the opposite direction.
2. Laws of Physics: This device helps children to understand three main physics principles i.e.., conservation of energy, conservation of momentum and friction.
3. This is a simple construction made up of high quality plastic for base and arch to which highly durable nylon stings which bare the spheres are attached.
4. Whether you are studying physics knowledge, working on complex analysis, or looking for a delicate gift, this newton cradle balance balls is definitely what you really want.
5. Note: Please unpack your package, as the nylon strings may get tangled if not handled with care.

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Kurtzy Newton’s cradle balance pendulum ball toy is a good practice of physics in action that demonstrates the principles of kinetic energy and conservation of momentum.

When one sphere at the end is lifted and released, it strikes the stationary spheres; a force is transmitted through the stationary spheres and pushes the last sphere upward. The device is also known as Newton’s balls or Executive Ball Clicker.



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