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Self Watering Flower Pot for Garden Planters Indoor Outdoor Living Room Bedroom Balcony Table Vase Home Decor Set of 3

Self Watering Flower Pot for Garden Planters Indoor Outdoor Living Room Bedroom Balcony Table Vase Home Decor Set of 3


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1. ABOUT: Self-watering planter ensures the plants take enough water they need for days. There comes a thick thread within that has to be placed in the inner layer of the pot through the pores given. The space between the inner and the outer layer is the place where water needs to be filled and you don’t have to water frequently as the thread will absorb the water and provide it to the plants when in necessary. The water has to be refilled only when the thread level does not reach the water.
2. MEASUREMENT: L=15CM, B=15cm; Set of 3, Inner Layer: L= 9.5CM, B=15CM, MATERIAL: Polypropylene; Type: Self Watering Pots, Color: White
3. BENEFITS: The inner pot has many drainage holes and air slits which gives room for oxygen supply to roots and helps in respiration. These pots are specially designed as self-watering where hydroton can be used. It has more width than height which helps the water to disseminate in an even way from top to bottom. Orchids like Phalaenopsis can grow in these pots ideally for many years.
4. OVERVIEW: The pot comes as 2 layers ? The outer one and the inner layer in which the plant has to be placed. The inner layer has pores and a gap between the two layers where the water can be stored. There comes a thread along with it which is the water provider to the mud that has to be kept soaking in water. There is no need to water the plants regularly. Once in 5 days, it needs to be checked.
5. RETAINS NUTRIENTS: As you water a typical container garden, the soil nutrients slowly diffuse out of the medium with the water molecules. You will need to add organic matter periodically to keep the soil’s nutrient levels steady. Self-watering pots require you to water the soil normally, but the closed system allows the nutrients to stay within the immediate environment.

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The planter is made of high-quality Polypropylene, Self-Watering Planter. Strong and durable, breathable.

Ideal for home, office, family gardening decoration and planting. Bring a green living to your home.

Environmental protection and healthy.


This kind of simple and convenient planter will add simplicity and modern style to caring for your plants.

Especially fits for the people who don’t have much time to grow plants, but also very fond of plants.

Also, it can help you to care your plants when you go outside a couple days or on business.


Thanks to the double-layer design – The bottom of the flower pot is used for storing water.

Not only does it avoid watering too much, but also to make your plants absorb water and nutrients from the storage as per the cycle.

Water flows to the bottom reservoir which stimulates roots to grow deep to find the moisture supply.


Conserving water, especially in dry climates, is a constant concern for gardeners.

Self-watering planters only evaporate some of the water from the soil, mainly after a direct watering from above.

The trapped water in the reservoir cannot evaporate with the dense soil covering it; the jug will retain the water as well until you pour it back onto the plant.

Watering amounts are considerably lower with self-watering planters while still retaining a healthy environment for growing even the thirstiest crops, from strawberries to dwarf fruit trees.





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