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Vacuum Storage Reusable Ziplock Space Saver Bags (Pack of 3) Large (60 cm X 80 cm) with Hand Pump for Travel FLOWER

Vacuum Storage Reusable Ziplock Space Saver Bags (Pack of 3) Large (60 cm X 80 cm) with Hand Pump for Travel FLOWER


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  1. SPACE SAVING: The clothing vacuum storage bags can save 80% space for your closets, you can get closets much tidier by using several space bags. That’s amazing! Start to slim your closets now!
  2. PERFECT CHOICE TO STORE ITEMS: The vacuum storage bags are the perfect choice to store bulky or out-of-season items. When you take these items out from our vacuum storage bags, they are still clean and fresh. It comes with 3 bags, large (3 pieces), Large – 60 cm x 80 cm.
  3. LOCKS EXTRA TIGHT: With the double zip seal and airtight valve, as well as being made from extra thick plastic, you can rest assure that no air ever gets back into our space saver bags and that they remain 100% compressed until you decide to open them again.
  4. GOOD PROTECTIVE EFFECT: The vacuum packed storage bags prevent items from water, dust, insects, mildew, odor, etc. These bulky and out-of-season items can be protected well in the space saver bags. Note: Not suitable for ironed clothes, Cloth may shrink due to vacuum compression.
  5. TRAVEL PUMP INCLUDED – Our vacuum storage bags work with any standard vacuum cleaner but they also come with a handy FREE travel hand pump to make traveling a breeze as you can easily repack your clothes for your journey home, saving you tons of space in your bag. Pump color may vary.

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80% More Storage Space: Our vacuum bags compress down to almost nothing, allowing 80% more storage space. They’re also really strong, being made from 80-micron plastic which means they can hold a lot without breaking. They Lock Extra Tight: With their unique double zip seal and air tight valve you can be assured that no air will get back into these vacuum pack storage bags, until you decide to open them again. They’re Also Airtight: Mole, insects and dust will be a thing of the past, as your items will be stored in an airtight and waterproof vacuum seal, keeping out dust, bacteria and other living microorganisms. They Come With a FREE Travel Pump: Our bags come with a FREE travel pump making travelling a breeze, as you can take them with you on your travels, and reuse them on your return trip.

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