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Kurtzy 5 Layer Wardrobe Cloth Hangers Space saving Closet organizer for Jeans, Pants, Sarees (Pack of 2)

Kurtzy 5 Layer Wardrobe Cloth Hangers Space saving Closet organizer for Jeans, Pants, Sarees (Pack of 2)


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  1. Material – Our Cloth Hanger is made up of ABSplastic and Stainless Steel 201. Its sturdy enough to hold the Pants, shirts and Sarees. You can easily pull out the rod in the hanger and take the cloth.
  2. Usage – Hangers can be used both in Horizontal and Vertical position. No assembling required, you can use it directly. Pants, Shirts, Trousers, Leggings, Slacks, Jeans, Sarees can be used in it. The stopper at the end of the rods prevents the clothes from falling down.
  3. Measurement – The rod measures 30 cms, height measures 6.5 cms, width measures 14.5 cms and length of the top rod measures 14.5 cm
  4. Purpose – Kurtzy hangers will keep your wardrobes organized and help you to keep and find out your favorite dress more easily. It’s easy to carry and you can also use this for Travel purpose.
  5. Space saver: One of best Space saver which makes your wardrobes more organized. You can hang your clothes and prevent them from any wrinkles. These hangers are great space savers when one hook is taken off the rod.

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Product Description

This multi-functional Kurtzy pant and saree hanger can be used horizontally or vertically.

It can also be used for all cloths. The main advantage of this hanger is you don’t

have to remove your hanger and then take out the cloths, instead you can just pull out the

extendable rod and take the cloths out without any difficulties. You can either hang both

the hooks or you can remove one of the hooks, which is a big space saver.

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